New kmIMPACT Publishing Solution Bridges Print and Digital Domains

Knowledge Marketing Offers Integrated Approach

Knowledge Marketing has introduced kmIMPACT (Integrated Marketing Platform Advertiser Connection Technology). kmIMPACT is a web-based solution designed to help publishers transform their print-centric business to meet the digital publishing demands of today’s marketplace.

Unlike complicated, programmer-managed database tools, kmIMPACT uses an intuitive, web-friendly browser developed by Knowledge Marketing that lets publishers access their audience databases to drive incremental revenue, improve collaboration with key clients and launch new marketing services with ease. A publisher’s sales and marketing team, and even select advertisers, can access enhanced views of the consolidated audience to increase advertising revenue and improve campaign performance and growth in billable marketing services.

“Having gigabytes of client data is one thing. Actually accessing the information and using it to create new revenue streams is the premise of kmIMPACT,” said Duane Crandall, founder and CEO. “We help publishers embrace the digital world by placing comprehensive audience demographics as well as contextual and behavioral information in an easy-to-use, online-accessible source. Users can create new direct sales opportunities, like highly targeted email marketing campaigns, with lightning speed. Other marketing services opportunities, including lead generation, research and campaign planning, can also be created to diversify revenue streams.”

Building on the company’s proprietary Enterprise Communication Network (ECN) solution, kmIMPACT accesses the audience management and cross-channel marketing strengths of ECN to provide publishers with a private, highly customized web portal that serves up their own unique consensus audience database anytime, anywhere. Sales teams are quickly trained to use the web interface so they can effectively access the database and create meaningful queries to share in real-time with clients and prospects.

Since its launch, kmIMPACT has helped key advertisers, marketers and sales representatives access select views of a consolidated audience, promote collaboration, increase advertising revenue, improve campaign performance and grow billable marketing services.

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