Online Certification For IMA Members

Certified Internet Marketer (CIM)

The IMA Certified Internet Marketer (CIM) professional certification program provides participants with the foundational Internet marketing education needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing online business environment.


  • Access to exclusive IMA leadership events
  • Access to economic and other business opportunities
  • Introductions to members of the International Executive Council
  • First access to white papers, market intelligence, events and webinars by IMA
  • Ongoing access to CIM instructors and IMA leadership
  • CIM designation next to name (IMA Governing Body)

The certification course is divided into six lesson areas, culminating in a final exam to certify Internet marketing knowledge, including:

1. Overview of Internet Marketing:

The broad array of digital marketing including social media, mobile marketing, and online analytics

2. Online Acquisition:

Search marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization

3. Online Conversion:

Site personalization, online A/B and multivariate testing, content targeting, dynamic recommendations

4. Online Retention:

Email marketing, online surveys, voice of customer (VOC) strategies

5. Online Analytics & Measurement:

Measuring website performance with digital analytics, business goals and standard metrics to consider, tactics for telling “stories” with data to drive better online business decisions

6. Data-Driven Marketing:

Creating a culture and decision-making practices based on data, developing closed-loop marketing strategies and programs

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