The Free Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Is a Four-Day Berry Bonanza

Garden Grove Strawberry Festival Featured in NBC Los Angeles


Eating 63 succulent strawberries over the colorful course of one sweet summertime?

If you’re a fan of the juicy, seedy, green-topped wonders, you likely polish off that many strawberries in far less time. 

But how many strawberries might you juicily devour over 63 years?

It is a quirky question to ponder as we await the start of the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival, one of Southern California’s oldest fruit-centered celebrations. 

It is a party that has been around for, yes, six decades and another three years plus, making it a must-visit for those parents, and grandparents, who went when they were kids.

And if your whole family is part of the strawberry fandom? Then you’ll likely swing by Village Green Park on May 26, 27, 28, or 29 to savor tart treats, ride a ride, or catch a sighting of a special guest.

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